When crises have hit in her community in Broughton, Keri has stepped forward with helping hands and a willing spirit time and time again. When floods devastated her estate in 2015, over 250 houses were flooded with many people without kitchens, furniture, or insuranceto help put people’s homes and lives back together. Keri worked with neighbours tirelessly, getting donated carpets, furniture, making and distributing food to elderly neighbours. She was amazed by the community spirit and strength in this time of incredible hardship and this galvanised Keri’s role as a community leader.

"I do live and breathe Salford; I want every person to shine and know their worth. For me, togetherness is the key: inspiring people, connecting groups and communities. I just want to say, “Be proud my friends and shine"."

Keri’s efforts have not only brought people together in crises, but in joy and celebration as well. She helps run events in her local park and helps coordinate drama and dance classes for young people, to give thema sense of fun, belonging and aspiration. When The Lowry brought Paines Plough’s Roundabout - the UK’s first fully accessible, demountable and portable theatre to Broughton - Keri’s work with the local schools and clubs connected the community’s established activity to this exciting pop-up creative hub. Keri’s drive not only supports those who need it, but spurs others to do so.