Paige grew up in Kersal and, as a young carer for her dad and brother from a young age, received support from Gaddum’s Salford Young Carers service for many years. Paige got involved a partnership project between Salford Young Carers service and The Lowry’s Arts for Social Change programme, which uses creativity as a way for young people to express themselves, comment on the world around them, and speak truth to power. Within this experience, Paige worked with The Lowry to develop the documentary theatre production- Who Cares- which tells the real life stories of Paige and three other young carers from Salford which premiered at The Lowry in 2014.

"As a young person, I would have never have had the confidence to walk through these doors and now I work here supporting young people who are from where I’m from. I’m really proud of everything we have achieved and I’ve learnt that giving someone the right support can enable them to achieve anything."

Through Who Cares, Paige’s story has since been seen by over 9000 people as it toured high schools and theatres across England, as well as receiving high acclaim at the Edinburgh International Festival. As part of this work, Paige visited young people to speak to them about young carers issues and the need for change to young carers rights, resulting in a sharing of Who Cares to The House of Lords at Westminster. Over this time on these programmes, Paige developed in her confidence, skills and knowledge and was then able to progress into a role as a staff member at The Lowry. In her work within the Learning and Engagement team, Paige now supports young people from Salford on projects with similar experiences to herself.