Participate is word that packs in many meanings. It speaks of taking action. It urges you to play your part. It opens a door and invites you to walk through. Participate also speaks to something you possess, you benefit from. Something that is yours, but never only yours.

Suprema Lex is the vision raised upward by its five pillars and this Participate section introduces the groups taking action and making Suprema Lex real for the city and the people of Salford. It gives insight into those accepting that invitation, taking the initiative and putting flesh on the bones of our ideas. Participation is the move from passive to active, from yours to ours. These are shared endeavours, but the circles are not closed.

The groups introduced in this section are not just names on a screen. They are people with stories, histories and insights worth hearing. They help tell individual stories of Salford, its values, its vision for the future and the people making those ideas manifest.

Join us.

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