The Salford LCEP is a rich mix of independent organisations working together to create new arts and cultural education opportunities for children and young people in our city. The Salford LCEP is led by: Curious Minds, DIY Theatre Company, Salford City Council, The Lowry, the University of Salford and the Salford Culture and Place Partnership. Bring together leaders in both education and the arts, all partners operate on a shared belief that art, culture and creativity enrich children’s lives and learning. In addition, we believe that access to high quality cultural education should be an entitlement for all.

The Salford LCEP is taking on the ‘Cultural Education Challenge’, as described by Arts Council England, across Salford. We aim to ensure that all children and young people, both in and out of school, have access to the rich offer of arts and cultural opportunities across our city. We particularly want to uncover which children and young people are missing out, and work together to remove the barriers they might be facing in accessing arts and cultural opportunities.

The Salford LCEP’s current aim is to create a shared vision and a set of cultural education priorities all partners’ aligned work. This goes beyond standalone projects, schools or responses. Together, we aim to have cultural education embedded in Salford’s policies and plans, approaches, decision making and recognised as essential by schools, youth agencies, children’s services and other commissioners.

The Salford LCEP is changing, growing and moving forward. To connect and keep up-to-date with their work, please visit


  • Curious Minds
  • DIY Theatre Company
  • Salford City Council
  • The Lowry
  • The University of Salford
  • Salford Culture and Place Partnership

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