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Salus populi suprema lex esto

‘Let the welfare of the people be the highest law?'


It’s quite a statement. It deserves its block text and boulder-like font. It is also Salford’s city motto; a radical revival of an age-old idea, a subversive statement of humanity:

Suprema Lex is Salford’s shared strategy for culture, creativity and the arts, driven by the Salford Culture and Place Partnership. It doesn’t belong to any of us; it’s ours and yours, individually and together.

For Salford, Suprema Lex is more than Latin on the city crest or a slick strategy document for your coffee table. It’s the beating heart of our partnership. It’s the upending of the rulebooks that put money before people. It’s the common ground we build on, linking up the silos.

It’s the compass guiding us through the storms and churn of our time.

The Five Pillars

When we talk about the ‘arts’, we think of paintings, theatre and music. When we talk about ‘technology’, we think of games and apps, hardware and software.

Somehow, our attention goes to the end-product, the event, the stuff we buy and sell. In the mix, we forget about people, their ideas, and the processes that make these ideas a reality.


The city of makers and making

Making Salford a place where creatives from all walks of life can live, work and make their work.



Exploring the spaces we share, what makes them feel distinct and how they activateour sense of belonging.


People at the Centre

This is the heart of Suprema Lex. No matter the age or the postcode, the needs in this moment or aspirations for the future, the people of Salford are our central, unshakable priority.


Animating the City

Connecting the ways that we plan, communicate and create pathways into Salford’s distinct cultural and creative offer.


destination salford

Telling the stories of Salford - past and present - to those outside the city and starting dialogues to create the stories of our future.

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