An idea is golden. It is the seed to be sown, the lifeblood of a new collaboration, the key to unlock a door towards something better. But an idea is not enough.

The seeds need cultivated soil, the lifeblood needs to circulate, the keys need doors and, beyond that, the right doors they were made to open. 

For Suprema Lex, our ideas are activated in our Projects. 

Where ideas are sketchy on the details, projects drill right down to the hard work ahead.  Projects take blue-sky thinking and tether it right to the solid, common ground we stand on. Conversation and connection are vital to creating the ideas we need, but our projects are where were roll up our sleeves and get to work.  A new idea rarely gets it right on the first go. Projects are the testbeds for Salford’s making and change making alike.

The Projects in this section have a two-way relationship with our Stories. As projects move from idea into reality, the Stories introduce people, perspectives and insights that make Suprema Lex something real.  Something knowable.  And something worth sharing. 

Ideas might imagine change: change for deeper impact, change in how we do things, change in what feels like success. But they zoom to the end picture, the afterparty, the better future we want and can imagine. Ideas need action.

Join us.

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